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Edusoft Grading Tool Tutorial

How To Scan and Upload Documents Using the Edusoft Grading Tool

This tutorial is designed to introduce a learner to one of the many uses of the Edusoft Grading Tool.

At the completion of this training course the learner will be able to scan a set of assessments into the computer and then upload them to the Edusoft grading tool in preparation for analysis.   This task must be performed after the subject has received an Edusoft login and password to access their individual account, and has administered a set of assessments on an approved Edusoft scantron sheet.

Onee your assessments have been scanned and uploaded, you can log in and analyze the results on the Edusoft web page, but that is another tutorial!


The target audience for this tool is primarily high school teachers.   The Edusoft tool is used to analyze an individual student's performance on a common assessment and then compare their results with other students in the class and in the entire department.   This tool can be used by teachers in any subject area. In order to use the tool, however, a common test that is taken by all students must be developed.   The only way to analyze the data for all students in the department is if the students all took the same test.   Although the Edusoft tool is designed primarily for high school teachers, it could also be used in elementary classrooms, middle school classrooms, and even college level classrooms.

Tutorial Steps

There are seven steps in this tutorial. The links to the left will take the learner to each of the steps. All seven steps are outlined below.

  1. At your site, you should have a larger printer/scanner that has been designated for Edusoft.
  2. Place the completed answer sheets on the top feeder FACING UP.
  3. On the desktop of the connected computer or in the programs file find and open "Edusoft Grader"
  4. Use your Edusoft username and password that was provided by your school administration
  5. Make sure the documents are face up and completely filled out then click "Scan"
  6. After the documents are scanned click "Upload".
  7. Scan more or log out when you are done.



Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

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Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

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